HADV Mission
The purpose of this Organization is the promotion of the science of Dermatology and  Venereology among  Greek Doctors of Medicine, by preserving the practice and extending the knowledge of Dermatology, Venereology and related disorders. HADV must help in the elaboration, execution  and  surveillance of Hellenic Continuous Medical  Education (CME) programs in the specialty of Dermatology - Venereology and related Scientific topics. It shall support  research to find the causes and cure of Skin and Venereal diseases, to improve the quality of life of those affected. It must help making optimal care available to all citizens of Hellenic Community. In parallel, it should protect the professional benefits of its members and maintain the legislation that overules their relationship. HADV shall endeavour to cooperate with other organizations of similar purpose.

Board of Directors of HADV

President : Andreas Katsambas 
Tel.: 30-1-36.17.778/30-1-72.35.545
 Fax: 3O-1-36.00.196/30-1-72.11.122
 E-mali: katsabas@compulink.gr 
Vice-President : George Ch. Chaidemenos 
Secretary General :  Dimitrios Rigopoulos
Treasurer : Athanassios Petridis 
Secretary Sp. : Dimitrios Sotiriadis 
Members : Panagiotis Kostakis      e-mail    pkostak@hol.gr
  Simos Gerazounis